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Flexible Resistances Higher Flex Ribbons and Thermal Jackets

Ribbons and Thermal Jackets HigherFlex

Ribbons and Thermal Jackets HigherFlex

The HIGHER Flex Heaters are the new options for industries that require a fast and efficient heating to maintain the temperature and the right viscosity. Straps and Jackets for barrels and pails are practical and effective in controlling and maintaining temperature. They also warm plastic surfaces due to their low surface power density. The HIGHER Flex Heaters are a novelty in the National Market.

Depending on the heating needs, may be used in different configurations such as the following examples:

Heating with 3 straps

• Digital Temperature Control by zones
• Increased Power
• Faster heating
• Uniform heating






Thermal Jacket with Control:

• Digital Control of Temperature by zones
• Increased Power
• Quick heating
• Thermal Insulation
• Savings in energy expenditures





Benefits of HigherFlex Ribbons and Thermal Jackets

• Quick and easy installation
• Temperature Adjustment
• Lightweight
• Uniform heating
• Larger coverage area - 180mm (width)
• Great durability and flexibility
• Thermostat Control of easy usage
• Models for barrels and pails in metal and plastic


• Maintenance and temperature control
• Melting of solids
• Protection against cooling/freezing
• Temperature control process
• Viscosity control (glucose, chocolate, oils, grease, paint, varnish, wax, adhesive, etc.)

Technical Data

• Maximum operating temperature: 210° C
• Surface power: 0,5w / cm2
• Thickness: 2mm
• Adhesive fastening system or springs
• Voltage 220v/110v
• Standard HAT models with simple isolation

Straps Specifications

• The heating elements are vulcanized between two layers of silicone and reinforced with fiberglass
• Dielectric strength: 2000v
• Rubber density: 736-grams/ m2
• Resistant to moisture and chemicals
• Resistant to radiation
• Adjustable thermostat from 30 - 210° C for metal barrel and from 10 - 90° C for plastic barrel
• Maximum exposure temperature on contact face: 232° C
• Connection Cable: 1800 mm

Jackets Specifications

• Covered with a impregnated silicone cloth
• Insulation: 10mm
• Thermostat setting of easy control
• Velcro closure
• Connection cable: 1800mm
• Designated for internal use
• May have HIGHER ® insulation cover
• Designated for 200 liter plastic or metal barrel


Ribbons and Jackets Data Sheet



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