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Hoses Thermal Hoses

The HIGHER® Thermals Hoses are flexible and can operate in conditions of continuous movements. With an internal heating system spiraled around the tube (internal), at regular steps, promote a temperature homogenization. The heating elements are vulcanized with multiple layers of fiberglass and silicone rubber. They were created to support various industrial applications, which stand out in the heated transfer fluids, such as gas, oil and especially adhesives and hot melt adhesives.
Our hoses serve as alternative spare parts and are technically compatible applicators (glue applicators) hot glue (Hot Melt) domestic and imported, such as: NORDSON®, ITW®, Slautterback®, Robatech®, Meltex®, Mactron® and others, without interference on the originality of this equipment.


Thermal Insulation and Protection System Components

There is a protective woof in the entire outer hose against abrasion, and nylon terminals resistant to falls and working temperature. Internal insulation chemically resistant, moisture and flame retardant, keeping the overall flexibility of the hose.
Exemption from chlorine-based substance on the insulating fibers. Output terminals with metallic cordage or retractable term (Atum®). In special cases may have extra protection against water jet grade IP-56.

Temperature Measurement/ Data Acquisition

Sensors type "J", EN100 or 120NI are manufactured and used in accordance to IEC751. The sensors are positioned at certain points in the hose, ensuring fast and accurate readings of temperatures, so it results in longer life of the internal elements.


Heaters elements

They are manufactured with selected raw materials and strict standards of insulation and dielectric strength.
With correct calculation of their dissipation in Watts, they provide a heating efficiency and the elimination of early burnings.



• Operate at temperatures up to 230°C
• Maximum hydraulic pressure: 1550 PSI (110 kg/cm2)
• Operating voltage 200v to 240v
• High Flexibility
• Moisture resistant
• Chlorine products-free insulation


• Products Transfer (Hot Melt adhesives, food oils, fat products based on oil, wax and water)
• Sampling of gases (flue gas, emission testing machine, process and instrumentation line)
• Viscosity Control (Ink for printer when improved fluidity is essential)


Market Activity

• Packaging industries
• Furniture
• Hygienic
• Footwear
• Chemistry
• Pharmaceutics
• Food
• Graphic
• Laboratory
• Automobile


Applications Example – glue applicators


How to Order Hoses


Model 01-100 Standard
Model 02-100 Insulation IP -56                      

Internal tube

T - 6 to 8.1 mm
T - 8 to 10.6 mm
T - 10 to 12.95 mm
T - 12 to 16.25 mm
T - 16 to 22.35 mm

Standard Length (feet)

02 (0.6 mt)
04 (1.2 mt)
06 (1.8 mt)
08 (2.5 mt)
10 (3.05 mt)
12 (3.7 mt)
16 (4.9 mt)
20 (6.2 mt)
24 (7.4 mt)
26 (7.9 mt)
29 (8.8 mt)
33 (10.1 mt)
36 (10.9 mt)
39 (11.8 mt)
43 (13.1 mt)



A - Bulb Thermostat
B - "J" Type Sensor
C - "K" Type Sensor
D - PT 100 Sensor
E - NI 120 Sensor


• Female JIC 37 ° Swivel
• Male NPT

Installation of Hoses

The correct selection of the outputs (hydraulic terminals) is essential for the durability of the hose.
Improper installation and folds cause bottlenecks on the outputs of the hose, where most cases occur. To ensure long life, the terminals should be appropriate (straight/45 degrees/90 degrees).
Likewise, we recommend curves with a minimum radius of 200mm, excessive curl will hurt the performance of the equipment as well as the loss of warranty.



HIGHER® manufactures replacement hoses for Nordson®, ITW®, Slautterback®, Robatech®, Meltex® and Mactron®. HIGHER ® is not a distributor nor affiliated of the brands above.
The HIGHER® Industrial type Thermal Hoses serve as spares and are not genuine OEM parts. NORDSON®, ITW®, Slautterback®, Robatech®, Meltex®, Mactron® are registered property of the corresponding companies.



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