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Flexible Resistances IBC Heating Jackets

IBC Heating Jackets

IBC Heating Jackets

 HIGHER ® offers a wide range of HIGHERFLEX IBCs heating jackets, that fit in virtually any IBCs format, including Schutz, Ragus, Pallecon, Tambortec, Intertank, among others. All HIGHER ® Jackets or HigherFlex Thermal Blanket heaters, are internally made of high technology vulcanized silicone, and high uniformity in the application of heat in large surfaces, thus is characterized by its high thermal transfer and optimal performance at the lowest cost for heating.

The HigherFlex IBC Heating Jackets for tanks improve the performance of this type of packaging. Since there’s no heat, many contents cannot be completely discharged due to its viscosity, leaving part of the product (waste) in the container, significantly increasing the manufacturing costs.

The HigherFlex IBC Heating Jackets can therefore offer important advantages for the manufacturing process such as reduced waste and times of the production cycle. The control of heating supply and implementation provided by the HigherFlex technology prevents damage associated with some other types of heating.



• Low thermal mass
• Quick and Easy Installation
• Non-evasive Operation: Leaves no burn or contaminate your product
• Controlled temperature
• High flexibility
• Uniform temperature distribution
• Decreases the product viscosity, favoring the flow of this passage to other containers
• Top cover that prevents heating loss comes included
• Backpack to carry practically

• Used for plastic, carbon fibers and metal IBCs heating
• Anti-freeze system
• Maintenance of the body temperature
• Marine applications


Technical Data
• Blanket’s temperature control, via a digital controller and a PT100 sensor, located in the cold zone of the system. The temperature control of the content, will be done by this reference sensor
• Working Voltage: 220VAC
• Total Power: 2300W
• Grounding DR system for your safety
• Safety thermostats limited at 100 ° C
• 130 ° C thermal fuse and 12 amps fuse per phase
• Temperature range 0-70 ° C
• Digital manual controller attached
• Environmental Degree of protection IP63
• External coating with high durability fabric, 4X stronger than Nylon400 supplied by DuPot ®


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348, 7 Lagos st. | São José dos Campos - SP - Brazil
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